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About us

Hi, our studio has been operating since 2010. We started as photography enthusiasts. While working on different photo banks, we decided to create our own. As photographers, we always wanted to make a resource that would facilitate our work and free up our time.

We saw no fairness when the demand for digital photography increase, but authors earn less and less, giving most of the profit to various photo banks. We revised the photo stock and created a studio where each photographer owns and manages part of it, each works for the common good, and the profit is shared among all members honestly and in accordance with contribution of each.

We offer you the opportunity to earn extra money.

Our uniqueness is that we were able to build a system for working with digital images, so effective that we can guarantee high sales for any photo. The most valuable thing for us is our creativity.

We are a studio

A community of people working to achieve a common goal and ensure their own benefits.
Unlike other studios or photo banks, we are a studio. This means that StockNub is owned by a community of photo authors and investors, headed by a board of directors consisting of founders, elected business owners and top executive managers. By working with us you become part of a community that shares your photography passion.
On our page you will not find pointless marketing. With us there are no big ups and downs, we just do our job. Each of us is ready to invest in our own hobby and make money on it, by doing professionally only their part of the work.

Our mission

We open an opportunity for people to earn on their own creativity, by working from anywhere in the world.

Our goals

- Make sure that every new member of the StockNub community enjoys earning money from their own work.
- Rid photographers off of the routine processes, by allowing the employee and author to do only what they love.
- Create the opportunity to earn money on ANY photo and open access to this kind of earnings to everyone.

The main principles of our international studio:

1. Voluntary and open membership
StockNub is a voluntary organization. It is open to all individuals who can use its services and are ready to assume the responsibilities of members, without gender, social, racial, linguistic, political or religious discrimination.

2. Democratic membership control and autonomy
StockNub is an autonomous self-help organization controlled by its members, who are actively involved in policy development and decision making. All members have a voice in and the right to elect an elected executive board.

3. Economic participation
Members contribute and earn, in accordance with the invested funds and in proportion to their work for the studio.

4. Education, training and information
The StockNub community educates its members and informs the public about the format and benefits of collaboration.

5. Joint self-management
The studio seeks to achieve a fair and simple result through decision-making as a result of joint self- management.

StockNub is a huge studio - a content production factory. We release thousands of photos a day due to the competent work organization of authors, retouch artists, managers and reach milliones volumes. All participants of our huge studio - the owners of the studio, they work remotely and are not place and time related, set tasks themselves and choose their own work content. We control our business ourselves and we like it!

Selling photos and selling them successfully is very easy! It is not rocket science!

How it works