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Frequently asked questions and answers

In this section we collect the most frequently asked questions and give answers to reduce the load on our support team. Please read this section carefully, It is constantly updated.

1. How can I make money on my photo?
You upload a photo to our platform, pay $ 1 for processing by our Studio. The Stocknub team processes your photo within 3 working days and launches its promotion, according with the algorithms we have developed, and after this period you start receiving accruals (they depend on the efficiency of your work and the overall level of platform sales) every business day (except Saturday and Sunday). These charges are automatically generated in payments to the details that you specify in the your personal office settings. Please note that the market may be unstable, and depending on this, sales may sometimes decrease, this has rarely happened in the history of Stocknub, but this is not excluded. Typically, fluctuations are insignificant.
2. How does it work?
StockNub has built an effective photo sales system, including work with leading global stock platforms and large private clients. After processing and attribution, photos are formed into data batch that we sell to customers many times. The profit received from the sale of data batches is distributed among all the authors of the site, thus creating a constant income for you and for Stocknub.
3. How do you use the money that I pay for the photo process?
For the amount you pay for a photo, Stocknub takes all the obligations to process your photo - the team of professional designers and marketers works on photos using various approaches and methods: toning, isolation, image assembly, image defect correction, attribution - create and upload metadata about photo and promotion - data batches are formed from stock photos that are repeatedly sold to customers. The higher the quality of the photo, the greater the chance of reaching the top sales. We pay you income from all sales in the StockNub studio, made in a working day, in proportion to your contribution.
4. Why do I transfer all rights to the photo to your studio?
We do the processing, attribution works for you and transfer you the income from the sale of your photos. The only condition is that you give us the complete rights to your photos so that we can create data batches, promote and sell them in any possible way. Your photos should not previously be uploaded to any of the existing stock sites, as well as to social networks and any other resources.
5. The photo contains people, intellectual property or other objects that require special permission. Can I upload such photos and will it affect my sales?
Our stock site focuses on simplifying the routine of the authors as much as possible, therefore photos that contain people, intellectual property, or other objects that requires special permission are sold only as editorial materials (Editorial). This will not affect the sales level since the volumes of such sales often exceed commercial ones.
6. Which photos are the best for uploading to StockNub?
You can upload any photos*, including those taken on a regular mobile phone. Minimum requirements for photos: the format must be JPEG or JPG, the size of your photo have be from 1 to 20 megabytes. The better the photo you send, the more sales we can make. We recommend you capitalize on new trends and requests from our customers, which we regularly publish in the "Photo tasks" section.

* Except for categories of photos that violate ethical rights: pornographic content, scenes of violence, photos of pages of any documents - a full list of such photos is published in the agreement. If you upload such photos, your account will be blocked and you will not be able to receive further profit, as well as you lose the right to return on previously made funds.
7. Does StockNub accept video or vector illustrations?
At the moment, our service specializes only in photos, but perhaps in the future we will begin to receive videos. As for vector graphics, you can also download it in JPEG or JPG format and the size from 1 to 20 MB.
8. Why can't I see my photos on other stock sites?
Our activity is connected with work not only at stock sites. Sales of your photos are carried out directly to the customer and are formed into data batches, so you may not yet have seen your photos on the network or you may not recognize your image due to its processing.

P.S. The key goal of our studio is to free photographers from routine processes, leaving them only creativity, and we will make sure that you earn on your work. Stock is a cool way to make money, and StockNub is a simple one. You no longer need to spend a lot of time on processing and wait for the first income for 2-3 years. If you like creativity, this can be a good way to combine business with pleasure. You need only creativity, and we will do all the work for you. If you have any questions or comments - write us a letter or create a ticket, we will answer everyone!