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To investors

Impact investment for everyone!
Invest in the future and become the part of the global impact trend.

Who are we and how do we work?
We are a Studio - a "factory" for content production. Every day, we need millions of images and videos, from all over the world, to sell them (we will gradually eclipse the existing stock image sites, whose turnover is billions of dollars a year), and to create our own digital bank for future generations.

To support this process, we need regular contributors.
Our Studio has everything that needed to teach new authors and improve the skills. We have free courses for those who have lost their jobs or are looking for a part-time job. Thus, we provide ordinary people with employment, working places and decent wages. Anyone can become an author, from 18 to 65 years old.

We are the part of UN Sustainable Development Goal 8, namely: Promoting sustained, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment and decent work for all.

Problem: Most authors do not have the opportunity to purchase the necessary equipment for photographing and filming video. It is expensive, so, for them - renting it is the only option available.

What investments are needed for:
The studio is gradually attracting investments in the amount of $ 1 billion to purchase 200 thousand of the required minimum photo sets for their further lease to our authors.

What is your benefit: By investing, you can receive a percentage of the income of the entire studio, but not less than 15.4% per month from the amount of your investment / investment for three years, while the total payment, including the investment itself, will be at least 184.8% per year and 555.4% for the entire period of placement.

Who we work with: An Impact investor can be an individual, a pool of individuals, funds.

For how long: The investment is non-refundable (included in the interest paid), the income for which is at least 184.8% per annum (on average 0.506% per calendar day) and is designed for 36 months (3 years) of work (warranty period of equipment operation) with a total yield of 555.4% for the entire period of placement. Early withdrawal of any part is not possible.

The investor also has the right to be an author and upload his materials to the site, receiving additional income and vice versa. To optimize the speed of attracting authors and investors, the Studio has developed an affiliate program that will provide additional income. The affiliate program in its current form will be valid for 36 months (starting from 01.01.2021), but it can be revised by the Studio's management.

To optimize taxation and the availability of payment systems to a wide segment of the population around the world, we are currently working with payment systems: Perfect Money and Bitcoin cryptocurrency. The Studio plans to create its own cryptocurrency (upon reaching the level of 100,000 active authors), by this the Studio plans to strengthen its positions and generated profits, as well as contribute to the development of crypto currencies in remote corners of the planet.

Francisco Henderson

StockNub is 100% owned by community members and is chaired by Executive board consisting of founders, elected business owners and top managers. The guidelines define all operational and strategic decisions and support the goal of StockNub, which is to enable people to earn on their own creativity and work from anywhere in the world.

If you want to become a part of our community, develop it and make money on it, we invite you to become our investor. Investors contributing to the development of StockNub acquire its share depending on the amount of investment and earn a percentage of the company's profits. StockNub does not work with exchanges as it is a cooperative, and it is important for us to ensure the capital maintenance in the Studio.