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How it works

Stop earning likes, let’s make the money!

Did you know that by uploading photos on the Internet, as you do, for example, on Instagram, you can earn money?

There are many photobanks (photostocks) in the world – such an online photo stores. Sales in such stores are carried out many times, and professionals earn $ 2 000 -5 000 a month, BUT:

There are some difficulties:

Beginners earn pennies. You need to work hard for 2-3 years to get an acceptable income.
There is an expensive photographic equipment required - to upload a high-quality images, otherwise the images will not be accepted.
It is necessary to spend a lot of time on routine: process photos, set keywords, come up with a description and upload to several photo banks.
It is necessary to have professional knowledge of photography, their processing and competent loading.
Photography should be actual of what is in demand today.
Every month you have to upload large volumes of photos.

It's different at StockNub! You just MAKE A PHOTOS and EARN. The Studio will do the rest of the work for you!

The produce content factory

We release thousands of photos a day - due to the competent work organization of authors, retouch artists, managers, we are reach millions of volumes. All members of our huge of our huge Studio work remotely.

We give the opportunity to get maximum income quickly, as experienced stockers do - each author is a co-owner of the studio and has the right to daily accruals from the studio's total profit, but not a commission on the particular photo sale (which may not happen in the case of classic photostocks).

Profit maximization is one of the main strategies that the studio pursues - 90% of the studio's daily profit is going to authors contribution (photobanks donate from 15 to 30%).

Should I pay for my photos? - You have a choice: spend your own time and work with photobanks yourself or delegate routine processes to StockNub. Your time is money, you always give something before you something receive!

Success factors

The author's profit is made up of the factors:

1. The profit of each author depends on the amount of profit of the entire Studio for a working day. The author receives the right to accrual on the 3rd day after uploading the photos. Then receives profit directly to his account from his photos every weekday.

2. Of the volume of the author's portfolio. The number of photos uploaded to the platform and their sales.

3. From the activity of the author for the Studio. The development of the Studio and the total profit directly depends on the number of authors and their activity. Therefore, the Studio encourages the authors as much as possible, who regularly upload photos and invite their colleagues to join.


It is difficult to make all work alone, and the chances of success without certain knowledge and appropriate photographic equipment tend to zero. But when you become a part of the large StockNub community, you work in a well-coordinated team and you are the part of a well managed mechanism.

Leave yourself the pleasure of creativity, and entrust us with all the difficult work. The team of professionals will not let you down.