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License agreement

License agreement of Stocknub .com

Dear Stocknub client!

The License agreement is a legal agreement between you and Stocknub and regulates the rights and obligations with respect to any materials licensed to us.

Please refer to this License agreement at each download. Stocknub reserves the right to change this agreement at any time by decision of the Board of Directors and approve the new edition by voting by a positive majority of the members of the studio. Prior to such changes coming into effect, Stocknub will make reasonably sufficient efforts to notify you of any such changes. Such notification may be sent to an email address registered on your Stocknub account, posted in News or Notifications, on the login page, and/or distributed in other ways. Changes to this Agreement will apply only to new downloads from the time such changes are published.

The following text describes the essence of each of the terms and conditions described in the Terms of service, but it does not replace the terms and conditions of service provision and membership of the Stocknub studio. Your rights and obligations are governed solely by the Terms of service Stocknub.

By sending materials to Stocknub, you accept all the terms of this agreement, our Terms of service, and other agreements and local acts posted on Stocknub .com.

1. General information
1.1. By sending any Materials Stocknub, you grant Stocknub exclusive right and license without limitation on the territory and with the possibility of sublicense for indexing, analysis, categorization, reproduction in archives, creation of derived works, publicly play, sell, advertise and market any Material, added by you and accepted by Stocknub to achieve any acceptable business objectives, without limitation of the distribution of your Materials to customers Stocknub, on optimization of the performance and efficiency of the Stocknub platform and services, and on developing new features and products. You also allow Stocknub to add, modify, and delete information related to your Materials in order to manage and license such Materials.

1.2. You grant the Stocknub worldwide exclusive right to use your name, display name and Materials for marketing and promotional activities Stocknub without paying you any compensation. Stocknub In its sole discretion, you may evade any of the above provisions without any liability to you.

1.3. Stocknub may license all Materials using any Stocknub brands and platforms so that Stocknub customers can use them indefinitely in accordance with the License agreements entered into with Stocknub.
2. Ownership of the Materials
The Copyright Holder shall transfer all copyrights of all Materials. By sending materials Stocknub, you explicitly waive any copyright and security rights of the work so that customers can use your Materials.
3. Permissions
3.1. Materials on which a person can be known and/or for which permission of property owners is required are accepted Stocknub exclusively for editorial use.

3.2. You acknowledge that certain Materials in the "Editorial Use Only" status may require confirmation of authority by a third party that authorizes the Author to withdraw such Materials (referred to as "Accreditation"). Upon request, you will provide Stocknub confirmation of such Accreditation.

3.3. You acknowledge that Stocknub may, in its sole discretion, authorize the use of the Editorial Use Only Materials for purposes other than editorial purposes (e.g. Stocknub may permit the customer to use the Editorial Use Only Materials for commercial purposes if the customer receives the necessary rights and permissions for such use).
Stocknub May, at its sole discretion, license materials in the "Editorial Use Only" status for commercial purposes.
4. Accounts
4.1. You agree to provide true and complete information regarding your Stocknub account and the Materials. Make sure that the information associated with your Stocknub account and your content is true and complete.

4.2. By registering your Stocknub account, you agree to the Stocknub Privacy Policy, which is incorporated herein by reference and regulates the receipt, processing, storage, and transmission by Stocknub of the Materials and data you send, including data that is associated with you, your account, your Materials, and other information related to the above ("Personal Data"). You understand that your Personal Data may be collected, processed, stored and transferred to countries outside your jurisdiction.

4.3. Stocknub has the right to refuse to create an account or close any existing account due to fraud, violation of intellectual property rights, violation of the rights of third parties, including the rights to confidentiality or publicity, with the sending of obscene, violent material, as well as such, which can be perceived as defamatory, with non-compliance with Stocknub recommendations in the current version, in breach of the terms of this or any other agreement you have entered into with Stocknub, and in the absence of breach.

We can close your account if you do something wrong. You can also request us at any time to close your account, which we will do within 90 days.

4.4. After uploading any quantity of materials, you will completely transfer all rights to use your materials to Stocknub without the possibility of further deletion.

4.5. If your account closes for any reason, you must obtain written permission from Stocknub before registering another account. It is prohibited at any time to have more than one active account of the author without obtaining written consent Stocknub in each individual case.
You cannot have multiple Stocknub accounts and provide content for another Stocknub account without obtaining permission.

4.6. You must not send the same Content using multiple accounts without prior written consent from Stocknub.
5. Materials
5.1. Stocknub may refuse to accept the Materials or remove the Materials from the Stocknub Web Sites for any reason. Stocknub will delete the Materials if it considers that they may (in their sole discretion Stocknub) expose Stocknub or any of the company’s executives, managers, directors or employees to a threat of legal prosecution or breach of the Terms.

5.2. Submission Guidelines
You agree to comply with Stocknub recommendations for authors located on the News page. If you send Content that does not meet the Stocknub recommendations for authors, your Stocknub account may be closed.
6. The financial relationship with Stocknub is described in the relevant section of Stocknub Terms of service.
7. Trademarks Stocknub
7.1. In the context of these Terms, the term "Trademarks" shall mean all trademarks, logos, service marks, commercial names, Internet domain names and other designations of origin published on the Stocknub site that are or will be used by Stocknub.
Nothing contained herein grants you rights to use any trademark Stocknub and may not be construed as giving such rights.

7.2. You agree not to use the Stocknub trademarks and any of their variants (Including typographical writing), words or signs that resemble or may be mistaken for the Stocknub trademark, and the appearance of Stocknub Websites, including all page titles, Graphics, button icons, and scripts, is a brand style, trademark, or Stocknub service mark, in any way that can defame, disadvantage or adversely affect such trademarks or Stocknub company.
You agree not to challenge (for example, in court or otherwise), nor to encourage another natural or legal person to challenge the validity of any Stocknub trademarks or Stocknub trademark rights claimed by Stocknub.

7.3. You agree not to use any Stocknub trademarks or any of their variants (including typographical writing) as a domain name or component, regardless of the primary domain name.

7.4. Stocknub reserves all Stocknub trademarks not expressly granted to you under this document.
8. Claims of copyright infringement
8.1. You hereby grant Stocknub the rights and authority to take such measures as Stocknub deems commercially reasonable to protect Stocknub 's rights to the Materials.

8.2. In case you believe that the Stocknub license for your Materials is being used incorrectly, you will not take any action against the Stocknub license holder without giving notice of such incorrect use of Stocknub and without prior written consent from Stocknub to such action.

8.3. If you would like to notify us of an alleged infringement in connection with the Materials on Stocknub, please send us a copyright infringement notice on the Contacts page under the Digital Age Copyright Protection Act.

8.4. Although Stocknub takes commercially justified measures to prevent violations of the rights of its Authors by Customers or others, Stocknub has no obligation to prosecute persons who allegedly violated any of your rights to any Materials.

8.5. If Stocknub receives a complaint regarding your Materials, Stocknub may suspend access to such Materials and delete your account in accordance with our policy regarding copyright protection law in the digital age.

8.6. If you send Stocknub knowingly false claims of copyright infringement and content removal requirements, or if you resend them, Stocknub reserves the right to block or delete your account without prior notice.
We respect your rights and can take steps to protect your materials. If you suspect your materials are being misused by customer of Stocknub, let us know the details before taking any action yourself.
9. Assurances and guarantees
9.1. You certify and warrant that:
- You have all the rights and powers to enter into this agreement and to comply fully with its obligations;
- You are capable and are not bound by any contractual limitation that prevents you from entering into this agreement;
- You are at least 18 years old;
- You are not a U.S. or Canadian citizen;
- The materials and all their components belong to you and/or are controlled by you, are free from encumbrances and are original works subject to copyright protection in all countries where the law provides for their protection or similar measures;
- The materials are not obscene or offensive and do not violate any laws and/or regulations, copyrights or other rights of third parties, including the rights to trademarks without limitation, as well as the rights to confidentiality and publicity;
- You have valid accreditation for each element of the Materials intended for editorial use only, for which such accreditation may be required.
- There are currently no claims or other legal or administrative proceedings which are pending or may be filed and which may directly or indirectly affect the Materials or in any way infringe on the rights granted by you under this agreement;
- You acknowledge that you are authorized to enter into this agreement and that any materials you send will not violate any laws or rights of third parties.
- You will not send unwanted e-mails or otherwise distribute so-called "spam," To advertise your relationship with Stocknub or the sale of your Materials, Nor will you falsely advertise and popularize your relationship with Stocknub in misleading way, which incorrectly describes the nature of the relationship or implies sponsorship, support, hiring or other partnership, which is wider than your actual relationship with Stocknub, and will not use Stocknub Trademarks for advertising and/or marketing in search engines.

9.2. You acknowledge that such advertising and/or marketing may violate the intellectual property rights of Stocknub and/or third parties. If you violate the terms of this subparagraph, Stocknub is not obliged to pay you any commission and other compensation, and may exercise all other rights and/or use legal and technical remedies.

9.3. Stocknub shows and warrants that:
- Has full rights and authority to enter into this agreement and if Stocknub makes any claim for breach of any warranties by you or learns of such claim, Stocknub may send you written notice of such claim to the email address provided by you to Stocknub, specifying the details of the claim known Stocknubat that time.
- Pending a decision on such claim, Stocknub may withhold from the amount of payments and/or other compensation due to you under this agreement such amounts as are reasonably attributable to the potential amount of the claim. You will cooperate fully with Stocknub for the protection of any such claims. At your own expense, you can participate in the protection of any claims through the lawyer you choose.
10. Privacy
You may not disclose confidential information about your Stocknub account. Any personal information you have published in your personal office at Stocknub is confidential.
11. Release from responsibility
You agree to indemnify Stocknub, its subsidiaries, partners, directors, executives and employees from liability for any claims, losses, damages, expenses and costs (including reasonable attorney fees and rewards) arising out of any breach or alleged breach of any of your obligations or warranties under the Terms. You will be liable for any indirect, incidental, or special damages if any third party claims arise.
If a claim arises because you have breached any of your obligations under this agreement, you agree to indemnify Stocknub for any damages incurred.
12. Arbitration You and Stocknub agree to settle any disputes in binding individual arbitration, not litigation.
13. Rejection of group action You and Stocknub agree that you waive the right to trial by jury with respect to any disputes under these Terms and Conditions that may be resolved by arbitration.
14. Miscellaneous
14.1. Relations of the parties are relations of independent counterparties. The parties hereby do not agree to establish a partnership, joint venture, franchise or agency or to hire other than membership in a studio.
These Terms contain the entire agreement between the parties on the subject matter of the agreement and supersede any prior agreement on such subject matter.

14.2. Stocknub shall not be liable for any damages, including actual, indirect or special damages, arising from the shipment or use of your Materials by Stocknub or any of its sub-licensees or the termination of your Author’s Account. You expressly agree to all possible uses of your materials as discussed herein and may not claim any special compensation in connection with any individual use or use in combination.

14.3. Changes to these Terms are not retroactive. By continuing to provide your Materials through Stocknub, you acknowledge that you agree to any such changes.
The Parties agree that the purpose of these Terms is solely the mutual benefit of the Parties and these Terms do not provide for any benefits, rights, obligations or obligations of third parties.
If these Terms change, you will be notified.

14.4. By sending any Materials to Stocknub, you agree to comply with these terms and conditions, as well as the Terms of service and Privacy policy Stocknub, both of which are made an integral part of these Terms of service by reference thereto.
Valid from June 01, 2020.