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What photos are the most in demand? Photos that are the most oftenly selling.

What is the difference between stock photos and ordinary ones? A stock photo does not mean that they are very cool and also does not mean that they are bad - this is the photo that is bought at the photo bank and in this article we will consider the main factors for selling photos.

1. It matters the number of stories sold, not the number of photos. Do not try to upload a large number of identical photos. Your photos should be different in context and plot in order to be sold to as many customers as possible for various requests. Set yourself the task of shooting not the number of photos, but the number of plots. As an example, 15 photo plots per month are much better than 1000 photos per month.

2. It is not so important where exactly you are shooting, in a warm country where the sea is surrounded by palm trees and the sun, or in a small town where you have shabby walls and snow around. Interesting stories can be found anywhere. There are interesting stories if you take a closer look at the world around you and the place should not stop you on the road to success.

3. On StockNub you can upload your archived photos, we will find application for each of them, but our team still recommends that you shoot specifically for the stock platform, those photos that are in demand at the moment. The main condition of our stock is that your photos are not already uploaded to any other stock and that the photos you upload are only yours, otherwise the StockNub site reserves the right to block your account.

4. It is useful to put yourself in the place of the buyer (customer of the photo). Try to introduce yourself as a designer or a build editor. Imagine that you need to pick a picture for an existing article in the news. Open any website with news, read the headline and try to find the photo you are interested in on any photo bank, then look at what photo the author of this news has already chosen, compare your results. Imagine that you need to make an advertising booklet for tours to Thailand, what photographs would you take for people such ones that they want to go on this tour? Your friend opened a store and asks you to take photos for him advertising his store. What would you do? Look at designs of images around you of advertising posters, leaflets, website designs, instagram posts, very often the answers lie very close.

5. Ask yourself a question - for what purpose my photo can be used. Whenever you take a picture, ask yourself for whom is your photo and who can buy it, this will help you make better-selling pictures.

6. The power is in simplicity. A good photograph is a simple photograph in terms of content and plot. You should have one object or group of objects in the frame reflecting the main idea of the photo, one plot, one bunch should not be extra objects distracting from the main idea. The background of the photo should be very restrained and not distract attention to itself, but work on a description of the situation. Nothing should distract the viewer from the idea of photography.

7. Dont ask the question what to shoot, but ask - how shoot. See the most popular photos on photo banks, get inspired. Use the rules and principles of composition. The most popular composition rule is the rule of thirds. Place the main object not in the center of the photo, but in the areas located in the first or last third of your frame.

8. Make images more versatile. The best-selling images are those that can be sold several times to different customers, so it is important that your images are universal. Exclude flags from the pictures, belonging to some sort of dissipation or country, belongings to brands. The simpler and more universal the plot, the more it is sold.

And lastly, the competition on photo banks is quite large and often your photos are not for sale because they simply cannot be seen. StockNub makes your photos seen and bought, it makes your photos on the top of sell possibilities.