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StockNub studio is looking for a partners to create photo courses
StockNub is a studio that is operated and owned by the photographers themselves. Created to make it as easy as possible to make money from photography and open this source of income for ordinary people, by doing the processing and selling photos for their authors.
Today, this industry sells about 20 million photos every day, which worth tens of millions of dollars.
Focusing on mobile photography, the Studio is already pushing out of the market existing photobanks that work only with professional photographers.
At the moment, the studio is actively developing: it creates its own photo bank, mini photo studios and a pool of courses around the world aimed at teaching photography (including mobile photography) for ordinary people.
What does the partnership with us give for you?
1. Permanent income from $ 2500 to $ 12000 by working only with 10% of your audience *
2. Expanding your customer base with StockNub clients from all over the world
3. PR company all over the world, including you as a partner and attracting new customers
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What are the requirements for our partners:
- You are a blogger with an audience of 1000 people or more, blogging about photography or related topics.
- You are a photographer (mobileographer), you do not have an audience yet, but you have always dreamed of starting your own blog, gathering an audience, and making money on it.
- You know how to tell interesting stories and attract the attention of the audience; you are not afraid to record video on camera.
What is the required:
Together with StockNub Studio, we will create our own photography course, while we will provide you with the basic materials and help you with the development itself. Or transform your photography course materials, get your course approved by StockNub and start making money.
You can introduce your own paid products into the course, earning extra money and promoting your content.
You work with an audience that is undergoing training, create your own active community, lead active participants. Feedback monitoring from your community.
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We guarantee our partners full information support and assistance in organizing processes, an honest income from each client for 3 levels of invitation.
Your benefit depends on the volume of students in your course, the number of photos uploaded to the StockNub server and the people your students will attract, while your students gain the skills to make money from their photos.
We are ready to translate the most successful courses into other languages and promote them all over the world.
Do you want to make money with us? - Leave your details HERE and our representative will contact you.
 * The larger your audience, the more you earning.